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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon -- crews are out inspecting several major roadways in napa county after reports of cracks that may have been caused by sunday's earthquake and today's aftershocks. the mayor of napa receives a visit from the mayor of san francisco as the earthquake recovery effort continues. and a series of aftershocks rattle the napa valley, small strong enough to wake people up. we're tracking the latest seismic activity. less than an hour ago, an
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alert at usgs and then after aftershock rattled the napa area. it's one of a series of aftershocks in the wake of sunday's 6.0 earthquake. this map shows you where all of those aftershocks have taken place in the last 12 hours. good afternoon. i'm david stevenson in for tori campbell. we're also getting new images of damage around napa. newschopper2 crew over a sink home as crews inspected cracks. we have team coverage. ktvu's janine de la vega spoke to seismologists with the usgs about the aftershocks and alex savidge is in napa with the latest on building inspections. but we begin with sal castanedo who is near a major road where crews are inspecting a crack. sal? >> reporter: david, this is highway 29. the george butler bridge. you can see one lane is closed up there. you can kind of see the closure although there is a big truck going by. one of the two lanes on the bridge on southbound 29 is shut
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down on the -- on this work area. at times they've closed both lanes to bring in more equipment. newschopper2 got a look at the repair process shortly after the closure sunday after an inspection then. someone noticed a crack near the west end of the bridge. after this morning's inspection, caltrans looked at it and made a decision to close the lane. >> it extends across both lanes of traffic. we'll be repairing the number one lane first and then they will transition to the number two lane and repair that also. >> reporter: now, cracks in the pavement are -- is what's closing this bridge, the chp says -- caltrans says it's not a structural issue. they determined that driving across the bridge was unsafe. although the closure is causing huge delays out of napa, officials say it had to be done. >> it seems that it's something that's gotten progressively worse.
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it may be as a result of the aftershocks that we had this morning. there was a small one there that's just a transition but it appears that over the last couple of the seismic events this has made it worse. >> reporter: all right. we're soing you this live picture of highway 29. the main artery out of napa. it's backed up way back from highway 121. you can notice caltrans bringing in more equipment to the scene as we speak. they said that this is going to be closed until 5:00. i also want to mention that there is another closure that we just found out about on highway 37 near mare island near that bridge. one of the lanes is closed there. so apparently, after the seismic activity a lot of cracks have been found. so far we haven't found anything that's structural in nature we haven't been told about anything that's structural in nature. these cracks will grow as the day progresses. live in napa county, sal
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castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. newschopper2 grew over a sinkhole that opened up in northwest napa. it's a hole in the street at craig court and westview drive with caution tape around it. no crews were in the area this morning. it's not clear if the sinkhole is connected with the earthquake but residents say it appeared on sunday. we put in a call to the city to find out more about it. with hundreds of damaged buildings, city leaders in napa are shifting into recovery mode this morning. and they will be getting help from san francisco. ktvu's alex savidge is live right now with an important visit that happened this morning. alex? >> reporter: well, dave individual, good afternoon to -- david, good afternoon to you. the mayor of san francisco made a special trip to wine country to offer support to this area as it shifts in cleanup mode. there is a lot of work that has yet to be done to secure a lot of these buildings with crumbling facades. it will take a lot for this area to bounce back but a lot of help is also coming. >> i'm saddened by the fact that we've suffered this kind of damage. >> reporter: this morning,
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mayor ed lee came to napa to see the damage from sunday's earthquake up close. he took a walking tour through downtown, guided by the mayor of napa and other city and county leaders. mayor lee came to learn how buildings here reacted to the shaking like napa. san francisco has a lot of historic buildings with unreinforced masonry. >> this is the challenge of the day. places like napa wouldn't be the attraction they would be without the historic buildings. how do you do that in a safe way? that's the challenge. >> reporter: at the same time, mayor lee is offering support to help this area rebuild. that could include sending in engineers and cleanup crews from san francisco. he will also push others to pitch in. >> i'm gonna ask volunteers, ask for donations, ask for corporate citizens to be generous in their time and their resporeses -- resources to help people. >> reporter: while hundreds of buildings were damaged by the earthquake, many hotels,
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wineries and restaurants remain open. jill techel helps these images don't scare people away. >> every time i go down the street another business is opening up. >> reporter: at last check, city inspectors red tagged more than 70 buildings, including alexandria square, where this attorney had an office. life since the earthquake has been a lot different. >> we're working out of our cars and in our homes. i had court this morning. i don't know -- i think it takes a few days before we can decide where our new office is going to be. we'll per severe and -- persevere and so will napa. >> reporter: there are quite a few people without running water here in the napa area. everyone has their power back on. the city is working to come up with an estimate for the damage so that they can secure federal fund ng and city leaders are hoping that tourism will bounce back in this area. a lot was made of all of the
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wine that was destroyed. as the mayor joked, there's still a lot left. we're live this afternoon in napa, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. since the quake hit on sunday, there have been 8 of aftershocks in the area sur running the he pip center. scientists have been studying the activity and ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live now from the usgs in menlo park where an aftershock occurred right during your interview. >> reporter: yes. we were inside along with other media inside this building looking at a computer screen talking to a geophysicalcy sift when we heard an alarm and it kept saying aftershock, aftershock. it detected an aftershock six seconds before it actually happened. >> you are actually seeing the early warning. this is the -- the test phase is 2.7 aftershock.
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>> reporter: at 10:56 this morning, the usgs's early detection equipment showed a 2.7 quake was about to happen. it also told us that in menlo park, we would not feel the shaking. we didn't. those closer to napa may have felt it. the seismologists told us in berkeley, san francisco and in oakland, they would have received a ten-second warning which is helpful for agencies to give them time to shut off gas lines or shut down trains. the usgs says to be prepared for more aftershocks. in the next seven days there is a 14% chance the area will experience some that may be a 5 magnitude or higher. >> we do expect over the next couple of weeks to have aftershocks continue. as i said the probably of events, moderate events felt by the folks in napa, vallejo, between 3 and 5, those magnitudes will probably see between 2 and 1 of those in the
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coming days. >> reporter: these are centered around the west napa fall. it's a possibility the aftershocks are impacting other faults nearby. this is their researchers are studying. they have personnel in the field inspecting the damage to the street. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. in just the past fewer hours, the solano county board of supervisors voted to approve a state of emergency declaration for that county. damage estimates for buildings on county property is nearing a million dollars. much of it is in vallejo. almost a dozen buildings have been red tagged. this allows the county to apply for reimbursements for state and federal agencies. one of the buildings in vallejo that suffered serious damage is the first baptist church on sonoma boulevard and carolina street. shaking from the quake separated the belltower from the front of the building. officials sewered sidewalks and streets around the old brick --
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secured sidewalks and streets around the old brick building. they said it was retrofitted after the loma prieta quake. the teenager critically injured in the napa quake is expected to make a full recovery. 13-year-old nicholas dylan suffered a fractured pelvis when a fireplace toppled down on him. doctors say he will spend the next few months in a wheelchair but his injuries could have been a loot worse if he had not scrambled away from the crumb bemming chimney. >> luckily, he's young, energetic. he was able to move not completely out of the way but enough to perhaps save his life. >> the 13-year-old underwent ten hours of surgery to repair his crushed pelvis. doctors say fortunately the spine was not injured. and we could continuing coverage of the napa quake at coming up, we'll tell you when napa school officials hope to resume classes and how b.a.r.t.
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says its early-warning system fared during the quake. firefighters had a harder time fighting a fire this morning thanks to the earthquake. what got in their way and how they had to change their approach. finally a warmer trend is underway. ktvu's rosemary orozco will tell you just how warm it's going to get. and police are looking for more victims after a man is arrested for sexually assaulting a teenaged girl.
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a u.n. helicopter runal routine supply mission in east africa has crashed over south sudan. three crew members were killed. one survived. the associated press reported a u.n. official saying the chopper was shot down but that's not been confirmed. fighting between the national army and rebels has created widespread violence in the region since december. the earthquake appears to have made it hard to fight a fire on mare island this morning. the fire broke out in an abandoned building on azwar and g streets and the water pressure was so low and firefighters had to get it fixed. there's also a homeless problem in the area. crews had to bust their way into the building to make sure no one was inside. the fire attracted some attention from neighbors. one woman said it was sad to see the building on fire because she used to work there.
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>> it's depressing. this is such a vibrant place for so many, many years, for so many people and to see it falling apart. >> the building used to be a navy commissary. the fire chief said the fire is suspicious since the building was boarded up. two dozen families were kicked out of their homes when an auto shop fire spread. that one couple tells ktvu that a couple of unlikely heroes may have saved their lives. this is cell phone video of the flames at the auto repair shop at a gas station this morning at 12:30. crews controlled the fire but not before it spread to two apartment complexes and a bar next door. one couple credits their bars for getting out safely. >> i was asleep. the dogs start barking. we can see the fire crew the
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window. >> fortunately, no injuries were reported. the department of public works is now looking into whether the gas and oil that flowed into the sewers poses a public safety hazard. morgan hill police arrested a man over the weekend accused of sexually assaulting a teenaged girl. officers arrested 19-year-old andrew knight on saturday. investigators say knight assaulted a 14-year-old at a house on the east side of morgan hill. knight was arrested and booked into santa clara county jail for lewd and lascivious acts on a child. police are encouraging any other victims to come forward. a former richmond middle school teacher is facing 60 more counts accusing him of molesting students. 32-year-old ron ginto was a teacher at making waves academy. prosecutors say he would organize unauthorized camping trips where the alleged molestation occurred. he was originally charged with 27 counts but on friday, that number was raised to 87. he's pled not guilty to all charges. supporters of doctors
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medical center are pushing forward with legal action to keep the hospital open. doctors hospital announced earlier this year it would radically cut services including emergency care because of a finance am crisis. it's the -- financial crisis. it's the only hospital in west contra costa county. today a group supporting the medical center said it will fire a request for an injunction to keep the hospital open. >> there's no dispute that closing this facility will have a catastrophic impact. a man has died. we said people would die. unfortunately, he died because he had to be diverted from doctors medical center into alta bates which was experiencing unprecedented overflow at that time. >> so far, 80 people have resigned from doctors hospital. almost 200 others had been told to expect pink slips if the financial outlook does not improve by september. back now to our coverage on the napa quake, today public
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schools in napa are closed for a second day in a row. inspectors are still checking the safety of several campuses following sunday's quake. so far they have visited two- thirds of the district's schools. crews reported toppled book shelves, broken lights and damaged equipment. luckily, no structural damage. >> we're just like everybody else. we have a lot of things on the ground. there is a lot of books around. broken glass. >> the district says classes may resume tomorrow. a decision on that will be announced today at 1:00. meanwhile, the private catholic school justin sienna high resumed classes. they cleaned up earthquake damage which included a toppled fountain and damaged windows. b.a.r.t. says them being linked to the early warning system worked well during the earthquake. >> earthquake, earthquake. >> b.a.r.t. is one of 150 subscribers to the pilot program of the shake
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alert system. b.a.r.t. was not operating at 3:20 a.m. but the agency says the ten- second warning would have been enough time to stop trains. the shake alert system has received $10 million in private funding. it needs $80 million more to become operational around the state. and for continuing coverage of the quake go to you will slind a slide show of some of the most powerful pictures of the damage along with stories about recovery efforts and today's aftershocks. outside our doors, wall-to- wall sunshine. giving you a live look into the east bay. mt. diablo over the walnut creek area. beautiful day to get out and do some shopping. we have warmer weather outdoors. take a look at stormtracker2, no rain to speak of. not even a cloud. we've got mostly clear skies, even along the coastline for today. temperatures are already up a few degrees over yesterday at this hour. we'll tang a look at those -- take a look at the numbers in a minute. plenty of sunshine out there.
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the onshore breeze is weaker. 12 miles per hour in fairfield. so a weakening onshore breeze. the ridge of high pressure moves in and warms us up. 81 in walnut creek. 76 in concord. mid-70s in livermore. around the bay, 71 sfo. 66 at redwood city city and 71 in novato. santa rosa, 70 as well. our cool weather pattern pulling off to the east, we have a ridge of high pressure that's building in for the rest of the workweek, temperatures today will be a few degrees warmer than what we had yesterday with mostly sunny skies remaining for the afternoon. take a look at some of these numbers. we've got 79 for novato. 77 in san rafael. checking in 70 degrees for sausalito. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. heading to the east bay, low 70s for richmond. 74 for oakland. a beautiful day in castro valley. mostly sunny. 77. 81 for danville. low to mid 78 os for our inner east bay and some of the hotter
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hots 87 for brentwood. 8 -- 86 in antioch. 84 in pittsburg. into the south bay, nice and warm. san jose 79. 86 morganhill. low 80s los gatos. 79 sunnyvale. beautiful in santa cruz with 76 expected this afternoon. along the peninsula for today, a nice one for you as well. low 80s redwood city, mid-70s in san mateo. 71 in san francisco. and let's remember the coastline here where we're enjoying some sunshine. 67 for pacifica. 68 half moon bay and mid-60s expected for daly city. the extended forecast, there's the warming trend. it starts today. eventually the inland communities will get in the low 90s. could be as early as midweek wednesday. thursday and friday look to be the warmest days. temperatures ranging in the low to mid-90s. upper 70s around the bay. low 70s at the coast with partly cloudy skies. and then as we get into your bay area weekend, temperatures fall off a little bit. but still feeling quite nice out there. mid- to upper 80s for our
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warmer locations. 70s around the bay and dry conditions. >> nice stuff to look forward to. >> no complaints. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. for the second time in less than a week, crews tore up and rere-laid turf at -- re-laid turf at levi's stadium. kitche. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens.
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welcome home! give him the tour. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. stocks are hovering near -- in near record territory in afternoon trading a day after
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the s&p closed short of the 2,000 milestone. encouraging news to help set the major stock indexes on course to yesterday's gain. the new york stock exchange is up 45 points at this point. amazon has agreed to its second largest deal ever. the online retailing giant will pay did the 970 million for the live streaming service twitch which lets people watch gamers playing video games. one analyst describes it as the world's largest arena for video games. twitch is not that well known outside of tech and gaming circles. it's the fourth largest source of u.s. internet traffic. san francisco-based clothing retailer gap plans to expand to new york state. andrew cuomo says gap will invest almost $100 million into its existing facility in the town of fishgail. it's located along the hudson
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river. gap currently employs 428 work, at the distribution center. governor cuomo says the expansion will bring in 1200 jobs to the community. the 49ers have once again torn out the grass at levi stadium. this is video taken from newschopper2 yesterday just three days after crews originally replaced the turf ahead of sunday's gail. the field was first torn up last week after jim harbaugh ended practice early because of injury concerns when players began to slip on the turf. now the team wants to make a long-term fix which may include a new sand base and a different type of grass. the next scheduled event at levi stadium is a soccer match on september 6th. the 49ers' home opener is september 14th. more aftershocks today in napa. we've been given a new map of where the red tagged homes are. we're following up with with homeowners and usgs scientists and are hoping to learn more about how much all of this damage may cost tonight at
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5:00. thanks for making ktvu your choice for news and we're always here for you at and you can follow us, of course, on twitter and facebook. i'm david stevenson. have a good afternoon.
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